{dungeon drones}

.getting settled into the dungeon.
a dim glow seeping through the curtain,
dances on trails of velvet smoke.
shadows passing by..
the initial whispers of activity,
blend with the hum of the machine.
another day has begun.
(and i've missed another chance to sleep.)

here are some drones
to induce a subterranean
time warp experience...




{a portal call to open the rift}

<download> <25mb.rar(.mp3)>


<thomas köner>


{entrance into nothingness}

<download> <103.84mb.rar(.flac)>



{self sustenance within the void}

<download> <85.94mb.rar(.flac)>



{glacial fog rolling through spacetime}

<download> <85.98mb.rar(.mp3)>


<Oöphoi & Tau Ceti>

[celestial geometries](2006)

{walking the path of the eternal return}

<download> <109.56mb.rar(.mp3)>


enjoy the voyage, sleepless wayfarers..

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